Canada Experience

On the parts/details page, I give some part numbers from Fastenal Canada for Canadian readers. One reader attempted to purchase those from Fastenal, but either due to COVID issues or Fastenal’s desire to work only with businesses or something, he was unable to. McMaster either doesn’t ship to Canada or it’d be a real hassle to make that happen (see below). (Edit 9/18/20: another Canadian reader got quoted ~C$120-130 from Fastenal Canada … which seems like way too much)

The solution was for me to order the screws from McMaster and then ship them to Canada. That took approximately forever (~4w start to finish) and was certainly more expensive than it should’ve been (shipping from McMaster to me, and then from me to Canada).

Please comment below if you’d like me to get in touch about how to help work this out if you’re in Canada, or if you’ve found a solution. The only thing I’ve found for McMaster-to-Canada (other than me doing it for you) is (seems to cost $10 plus Canadian shipping, plus McMaster shipping). McMaster will ship to Canada, but it’s a PITA — the buyer needs to be a Canadian business, there’s some customs and border protection issues, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos of a T3600 with a E5-1660 and the dual-fan Noctua NH-U9DX i4 in Canada.


2 thoughts on “Canada Experience

  1. Hi Adam,

    I’m running a T5610 with 2x e5-2650v2 cpus. I saw another post on a dell support forum where someone added a few 80mm fans to the empty back grill. I measured and noticed my machine would only fit one, so I added an 80mm Noctua there. It’s quite easy to just screw it in through the grill and use an SATA adapter to power it. This makes the back of the machine quite cold at all loads and my left CPU temps are pretty close to yours with the stock coolers. Previously the back handle of the machine would get so hot it would be uncomfortable to touch. I’m running an RX 5700 so I’m sure that’s a contributing factor. I thought you might be interested in this easy addition to your setup.




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